The Fag

by hugs

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released September 13, 2015

Hugs is Conor Stone and Mikey Hassick
“The Fag” was written by Hugs and recorded, mixed, and mastered at Shards in Bethlehem, PA.

Additional personnel on The Fag:
Josh Kravette played the saxophone on “Jurl”

Additional arrangements for The Fag:
Patrick Hull

Cover art by Hugs and Mark Evangelista
Album art by Devin Feely



all rights reserved


hugs Queens, New York

Hugs is whatever

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Track Name: Tender Twigs
My friends die every day
they lie on a road
until they're taken away
unless they decide
to disintegrate and die even more

they are people too
just as people as you
if I can't breathe it into you
then I'll just beat it into you

lace em up and leave
chase friends up trees
give me some bread, please
not a worry to worry at all

they are people too
just as people as you
if I can't beat it into you
then I'll just breathe it into you

have you seen my claws?
my sharp strangly paws?
Track Name: Buds Howlin
I learned to waste away
in an unnatural way
maybe it's my mind that's decomposing
not the skin, I'm fading in

it wasn't something that I did
it was something that we did
it was something we all did

run toward the sky
the world is in your eye
just like the universe and everything that's afterwards
you're going to die
Track Name: Psychedelic Salad Pudding
I want a nail in my head
stretch out my fingers from my hand
of my skin
hold me in

I can't find it when I need it
I only see it when I don't

you're just wasting both our air
allow me to kill you, either way I will
Track Name: Big Simple
I bet your father's scared that you'll end up like your mom
and your mom's all worried about nothing at all

you don't have to worry about anything at all

words don't come easy with time
motion started where emotions end

look at anything and everything you've ever seen,
every single little thing, then look beyond that
Track Name: Mistahead
The things I say I don't need,
I don't have because I can't get them.

If I cannot have it,
then I don't want it.

I wanna do something, and I might
but I'd rather do nothing
than something you didn't like

your name's always on my mind
but it’s never in my mouth.
I'd wanna swallow it if I could
cause even the name tastes good

I liked the sounds she said.
"I like these sounds," she said
Track Name: Jurl
What’s better than letting go?
the letters will let you know
If pleasure in letting go is easy to admit,
why does everything I let go of have claw marks on it?

I walk out with no one.
I see the sun.
I say, "I won't leave you no more suddenly.
I won't look on from the side
as I see you die suddenly"
Track Name: Everything Was Bad and Nothing Was Good
I lie awake on my own
on the ground naked.
soul’s sold, and god, it’s cold.
this life is makeshift.

let me out or take me in
tell me off or tell me something with meaning
I want meaning

to flex or exorcise my demons
to heed or bury all my feelings
to twist or simply kiss a neck,
to stay or never to come back…
this will go away soon,
then come back,
then go away,
then come back,
then go away,
and I still won’t know why it came

life beyond the beginning

look at a picture of your family like they’ve already died
and you’ll love them even more
and then you’ll love that they’re alive